Sunday, August 25, 2013


Welcome to a brand new school year. I am so excited about the journey ahead of us. I love the possibilities that stretch out endlessly at the beginning of a new year. I feel so much hope and freedom thinking about everything that is to come. I am expectant for lots of change, growth, laughing, writing, reading, friend-making, and LOTS of learning. I do love that it is a new beginning, a fresh start. However, I am continually learning that mistakes and failure can be some of the best avenues for learning. No matter what challenges, struggles, victories, or successes come this year, I am thankful for the opportunity to journey with this class and learn and grow together.

 This blog will hopefully be a tool in making a connection between the classroom and home and sharing all of those things that happen during the day with those that want a glimpse into the journey. I hope it will be a little window into what your students are learning, an authentic place for them to share their writing, and a place to help make communication simple and easy.

My goal is to update at least once a week and have students contribute as well. I will also try to upload different resources that you might find helpful in supporting your child's learning at home.

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to e-mail or call me! Here's to a great year!! With no mistakes in it...yet! :)

-Ms. Allbritton